Mahanthi Ramaraju

This is One Earth

" Be firm like a rock, deep & serious like the sea. Think of earth as a Mother. Don't be divided by thinking of Yourself as belonging to different countries or communities.

Remember ! Truth is ONE, Earth is ONE & We are also ... ONE " - Ramaraju Mahanthi


" Be a Meditator "

Meditation begins with the silencing of the normal mental activity. There is a constant 'inner talk' that is going on incessantly whenever a person finds himself / herself unoccupied. This continuous inner chatter is called as 'Chitta'. - more >>


" Be a Teacher "

Meditation is proven to have a massive impact on your mental and emotional well-being. Burdened with stress, and facing something has been challenging you, meditation is an excellent way to relax and gain insight in your daily life. - more >>


" Behave Like a Visitor "

Be a Joker

motivate yourself and others too ... 

We are visitors of this Earth planet. 

Behave like a visitor ... 

This is not your place ...

Not at all my dears.

" I am a student of Life ... Everyone & everything is my Guru ... Including YOU. " - Mahanthi Ramaraju