Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

Mahanthi Ramaraju started teaching of meditation at the age of 17 years, 1996 July 22nd. Since he has given near about 4000 meditation discourse in various places in INDIA, Nepal, & Bhutan. Our target is 1,00,000 meditation sessions and workshops.

It provides a non-profit, non-religious, non-cult, voluntary service whose sole mission is ...

We conduct Meditation Workshops at free of cost in various places like Schools, Colleges, Universities, Villages, Hospitals, Orphanages, Public Sectors, Private Sectors, Groups and Individuals through out India. Our workshops mainly focused on meditation awareness, women empowerment, student stress free life, vegetarianism, pyramid power, health, well being, clean and green.

We need support of friends like you. Your contributions strengthen our efforts towards this noble public cause. â€‹Consider making a contribution today, and together we will achieve a peaceful planet earth sooner.

Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ...