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Thank You For Everything.

Student Empowerment

Mahanthi Ramaraju

Quality of Teaching == Quality of World

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In the society of this world, the guru has a high position, i.e. God also went to a Guru for governance, to study the scriptures and to study politics. In that era, guru was an ideal symbol in spiritual science, in weapon, in education, in art, in policy, in culture, because he was proficient in theology, that is, he was versed with every scripture and qualities.

The situation of the gurus in today's society is very embarrassing, where neither the teachers have any level of education nor their teaching-style.

My Dears, If we have to fix the diseases of the country then first we have to fix the root cause of that disease. If children are given theoretical, cultural and positive education since childhood, their future will also get positive. Therefore, a teacher educating the children must also have all such qualities.

Just as soldiers are given adequate training to protect the country, in the same way, teachers in the country should be given more strict training than the soldiers, because the work of building the foundations of the advancement of the country is of the teacher. One person must pass the examination of the IAS, but the standard of teacher's selection should be improved even further. The quality of each school and educational institutions should be increased as it should not be the centre of education but the centre of progress of the country.

In today's era, four walls are only needed for it becomes a school. Tenth and 12th passed candidates are being selected as teachers. So you can automatically guess the quality of this kind of education. Just as a blind person cannot show others the way, same way how can a less knowledgeable person teach others? Nowadays, education-institutions have become synonymous with business, where education has got a lot of loot in the name of education.

Masters, like seeing a soldier, the mind becomes enthralled by patriotism and wants to salute them. Looking at the flag of the country we feel so proud from inside, same way we should be proud by seeing a teacher, because the king of the country is the farmer (meditation village), the defence armour of our country is our soldiers and the country’s Future in the hands of a teacher.

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I started no.of campaigns and meditation sessions in school and colleges for kids and teenagers. We have experienced the fantastic practice of meditation boasting a wide variety of benefits. 

  • Improves their creativity
  • Improves their concentration
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Enables better interaction with peers

Thanking you

M. Ramaraju


Education Vs Meditation

My education transformed me superficially & civilised,
My meditation transformed me deeply & realised.
= = =
My education gave me gold medals,
My meditation gave me golden moments.
= = =
My education gave me job eligibility,
My meditation gave me life flexibility.
= = =
My education fostered appreciation,
My meditation fostered introspection.
= = =
My education made me a good tax-payer,
My meditation answered my prayers.
= = =
My education sharpened my intelligence,
My meditation deepened my awareness.
= = =
My education stimulated my passion,
My meditation motivated my compassion.
= = =
My education made my job fruitful,
My meditation made my life grateful.
= = =
My education provoked competitiveness,
My meditation invoked inclusiveness.
= = =
My education inflated my ego,
My meditation allowed to me let go.
= = =
My education coloured my mind,
My meditation purified my mind.
= = =
My education pushed me outward,
My meditation pulled me inward.
= = =
My education made me who I am,
My meditation showed me who am I.
= = =
Educate to Meditate !
Educate to Meditate ! !
Educate to Meditate ! ! !

with Love & Light,
M Ramaraju