Ramaraju Mahanthi
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Be Dull, & Happily Dull - OSHO


Shortly after Tai Chi classes started, Osho spoke to the leader of the group:
The whole attitude of Tao is that the mind has to be dropped: One has to be as mindless as an idiot. So, dullness in fact is not bad on the path of Tao. In Tao, to be dull is perfectly good! Lao Tzu says that everybody is so intelligent, only he is muddle-headed. “Everybody seems to be so clever and I am just a stupid man.”

I can see that you have the capacity... You can become as dull as Lao Tzu. But your western upbringing is contrary. To be clever is a talent in the West. To be clever on the path of Tao is foolishness. To be intelligent, bright, sharp, is a sacred value in the western world. Lao Tzu will laugh. He says; “Just be like an idiot!” The values are so different that when a western man starts doing Tai Chi or things like that, trouble arises.

So, drop the western mind completely. Be dull, and happily dull. The whole effort is to drop the mind so completely that you exist like trees, like clouds, like rocks, and you have no mind of your own - that`s the whole effort. That`s why the moments are so slow, because the mind is in such a hurry. These movements are against the mind. The mind wants speed. That`s why the western world has invented more and more speedy vehicles. All these movements are so slow that the mind cannot cope with them. By and by it gets fed up and drops: “This is foolish. I cannot work with Mallika!” 

If you slow down in your movements completely, your mental movements will also completely slow down. It is working through the body for a non-movement state. The body moves so slowly, that the mind has to slow down with it. If for two or three hours everyday one goes on doing Tai Chi, then the mind cannot go on moving at such a mad speed. It will have to slow down. It will become more and more in tune with the body. But you will feel a certain dullness: that dullness is felt because of your comparison  with the etern mind.

The East looks dull, so lazy; nobody is trying to do anything. Somebody says to you:“I will be coming at two”,  and he will not even come at six, and when he turns up at eight or even the next day, he is not worried at all that he was not on time. Nobody worries about time. Time is a western concept, eternity is the eastern concept. The East says that life is eternal, why be in a hurry? Move, don`t move: it makes no difference. In this vast eternity, why be so worried about time? Where are you going? The East is simply sitting.

So these movements are a strategy to help the mind to calm down, lose its speed, come back to earth. Become a perfect idiot! If you become a perfect idiot, you have attained, and there is nothing more to attain. One simply enjoys! Logic is not needed, reason is not needed; mathematics is not needed, so why be bothered about intelligence? 

And you will have those blanks. Those blanks are good. You call them blanks because of the conditioning. They are not blanks, they are deep restful spaces. They will be coming, so enjoy them, cherish them, nourish them, and help them to come more and more Pray for them and be grateful for them. They will be coming more and more, and it will happen one day, that you simply become a long blank... Then they are not like intervals, they become your very life... a deep emptiness, abyss-like.

So these techniques will bring your sharpness, by and by, to a point where you will lose it. So, allow it. Don`t try both ways, otherwise you will be in conflict and you will be divided. Forget all about intelligence and this and that, and be a blank. I will help you, so you become an absolute blank. In that absolute blankness everything is possible. It is not negative; it is the most positive thing in the world, because out of nothingness, everything manifests. That nothingness is God. So when that blank comes, enjoy it! Dive deep into it, dissolve yourself in it, become one with it. Then you will know much which is higher than intelligence. Be nothing, and for the first time you will be.

Teach Tai Chi and go on developing it on your own, because you have enough basic understanding. Just go on moving further and further into it. For at least one hour practice on your own, so you can go on developing higher and higher and deeper and deeper.

From:  The Sound of the running water.  Get out of your own Way, Chapter 8