Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

Benefits of Meditation

ANAPANASATI MEDITATION alone gives spiritual health to a person.

SPIRITUAL-HEALTH is the root and PHYSICAL-HEALTH is the fruit.

MEDITATION is the greatest gift given by our own efforts to our own lives. We can give so much to ourselves.

Benefits of meditation

      • Diseases get healed totally
      • Memory-power becomes increased
      • Wasteful habits die a natural death
      • Mind stays in a peaceful and joyful state
      • Work gets done with greater efficiency
      • Sleep-time requirements get reduced
      • Relationships become more qualitative
      • Will-power gets tremendously increased
      • Ability to discern right / wrong gets sharpened
      • Purpose of life is thoroughly understood

“ diseases get healed totally ”
      All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy and lack of spiritual wisdom.
Through meditation .. when we get abundant cosmic energy and spiritual wisdom .. the intellect/intelligence gets to become more and more sane, scientific and mature. By and by, all mental worries cease. Consequently, all physical afflictions disappear. Meditation is the only way to heal all diseases.
Diseases manifest primarily because of previous negative karma arising from insane, unscientific and immature intellect/intelligence. Until and unless the negative karma is neutralized, the disease will never vanish. No medicine is of any help to clear the negative karma.

“ memory-power gets enhanced ”

The abundant cosmic energy gained in meditation helps the brain to work more efficiently and to its maximum capacity. Meditation enhances memory-power tremendously.

Therefore, meditation is absolutely necessary for all students .. both at the school level and at the university level.

“ wasteful habits die naturally ”

There are several wasteful habits like over-eating, over-sleeping, over-talking, over-thinking, over-drinking etc., etc.

With the abundant spiritual wisdom and cosmic energy obtained from meditation, all the wasteful habits die naturally.

“ mind becomes more joyful ”

Life is so full of failures, insults and pains .. for any person. However, for a person with higher spiritual wisdom and abundant cosmic energy, life is always peaceful and joyful.. in spite of all the failures, insults and pains.

“ work becomes more efficient ”

In the presence of abundant cosmic energy and higher spiritual wisdom, all work .. be it physical or mental, gets done with greater efficiency.

In less time, more work is achieved. With least resources, commendable work gets done.

“ sleep-time gets reduced ”

Abundant cosmic energy is obtained in meditation. Only a fraction of that energy is obtained during sleep.

Half-an-hour of deep meditation is equivalent to six hours of deep sleep .. in terms of rest for the body and energy for the mind.

“ more quality in relationships ”

Lack of higher spiritual wisdom is the only reason why inter-personal relationships are so very unqualitative and unfulfilling.

In the presence of higher spiritual wisdom, all inter-personal relationships become highly qualitative and totally fulfilling.

“ increased will-power ”

Intents need sufficient energy and sufficient power to reach their respective targets. In a restless state of mind, intents are made with least power. Therefore, they don't reach their respective targets.

However, in the presence of a restful state of mind, all positive intents acquire greater strength and all intents get dramatically actualized. In simple terms, the will- power gets boosted significantly.

“ knowledge of right and wrong ”

“ What to do? ”

“ What not to do ? ”

These are always million-dollar questions ..

“ What is right? ”

“ What is wrong? ”

We are in a perpetual dilemma .. However, such dilemmas are only for the spiritually immature persons. For a spiritually mature person there are no “million dollar ” questions whatsoever. Everything is readily understood and readily acted upon.

“ understanding the purpose of life ”

We are all born with a specific purpose, with a specific mission, with a specific design, with a specific plan. Only the spiritually mature people can understand and be aware of their particular purpose, mission, design and plan in their lives.

The purpose of incarnation of any Soul is to progress further at the spirit / soul level, not leaving out enjoying the material plane.

- Brahmarshi Patriji