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Dolores Cannon is one of the most inspiring spiritual scientists in the world today. Dolores has accumulated all the vast knowledge from her forty years as a pioneering hypnotherapist, past-life regressionist, counselor and healer. She has performed thousands of hypnotherapy sessions with a whole cross section of clients who have revealed to her their origins as extra-terrestrial ( ET ) beings on other planets, in other universes, and in other lives. 

Dolores possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about a wide range of subjects on extra-terrestrials / UFO's, Atlantis and ancient Egypt. Dolores dispenses all of her great wisdom with a consistently positive, hopeful and uplifting with spiritual seekers of truth around the globe. The following information on mystery of the pyramids was revealed by the subjects .. Phil, Clara and Brenda to Dolores in her regression sessions. A few excerpts from her book “ The Convoluted Universe ”

Dolores : Who built the Great Pyramids in Egypt .. and why ? 

PHIL : This is a monument to the accomplishments or pinnacle of success of the previous civilization to the succeeding generations. A mile marker to their achievement, a symbol of their success .. the epitome of their understanding of the nature of reality.

Dolores : What about the pyramids in South America ? Were they built in the same manner as those in Egypt ?

PHIL : These pyramids are from the same stock of people who migrated from ATLANTIS during the time of the destruction. The method used is identical, for this was common knowledge on ATLANTIS.

Dolores : Were all of them built in the same manner ?

PHIL : The construction of the pyramids increased in complexity and the meaning is hard to translate .. but the evolution was from crude to more refined, concurrently with the attunement of the priests in their religion. There was more accomplished, more possible with the higher attunement of these priests. This was not something the average lay-citizen could do. It took many years of study and concentrated effort in order to accomplish this. This was something only a select few could accomplish through years of studying.

Dolores : We have been told that they were burial tombs for Egyptians kings.

BRINDA : When the civilizations lost the knowledge and did not know what these were, that's what they conceived they had to  be. And so that was the story passed down through the centuries.

Dolores : There were never any bodies found in there.

BRINDA : There were never any kings buried in there.

Dolores : Then what were the rooms inside used for ?

BRINDA : They were used for much more complex purposes than burial chambers. Some of them were used for doing some of the energy manipulation. But most of the rooms were for the purpose of containing more calculations and mathematical formula in their measurements, and their relationship to the measurements of the pyramid.

Dolores : I've been told that the secret was within the pyramids themselves .. the numbers and the calculation.

BRENDA : Yes, they are. The pyramids were precisely designed, particularly the three major ones from Egypt. They are positioned and the way they were designed .. the dimensions and every measurement there could possibly be .. applied like for example, distance from apex to apex and what-have-you. Anything and everything you could dream of within it, contains all of the mathematical formula that civilization had. And that many mathematical formula your civilization has not thought of yet. The pyramids are like a condensed container of all of the scientific knowledge of this civilization.

Dolores : I'm thinking of the pyramids, and those in Peru, and in Mexico. The monuments that are made of the large stones.How were they able to erect these large stone monuments ?

CLARA : On many stars .. and on many planets .. we simply create something into being just by energy. And simply, the stones are created. It can be created from the area. But, if we have the ability to create telepathically, or to just simply materialize by pure energy, we can transport it from any place to any place. But, the great pyramids were created mostly from that which was native for that particular area. So, it could confuse a lot of people, as it has over the centuries. It simply came into being by using the mind, that which we do not use today. Simply by creating, cutting that stone in the manner in which you want it, cut to fit the pattern according to the architectural structure that was chosen for that particular pyramid.

Dolores : There have been many different theories as to how the ancient pyramids in Egypt were built. Could we have some information on that subject, please ?

PHIL : These structures were built with the aid of levitation, which is being rediscovered in some areas on Earth today. The act of moving these stones was accomplished with pure mental energy. 

This is as possible today, at this hour, as it was at that time. It requires total focus and concentration. 

There were a group of five to seven of the priests who were  schooled in this science and many other sciences. This was merely one aspect of their training. The knowledge was transferred from ATLANTIS. The pyramids were a gift of the knowledge from ATLANTIS.

The stones that we are familiar with were cut and quarried in distant locations and then transported by telepathy. The priest would accompany the stones on the transport and then levitate them to that point from which they were erected. The work was more mental than physical. The priests were transported in more conventional manners, as in chariots, but would accompany the stones and keep the stones in their sight, so as to firmly keep the stones in their concentration. The stones were transported from the quarries to the site by levitation and were then moved into place with levitation. The entire raising was done with levitation. The energies used and extended in those stones during their levitation was stored. Each stone stored a small part, and so the pyramid as a whole contained much energy. The stones act as crystals in that they can store human energy as well as many other energies.

Dolores : I've seen some, where the stones fit together absolutely perfectly, with no type of mortar or cement. And they are even curved so they will all fit together.

CLARA : Yes. It is done telepathically, simply by using thought.

THOUGHT is the creation of everything. First becomes a thought. And, in the thought of those that were creating the structure they unified that thought in such a way that every  corner would fit perfectly. Because every thought fit perfectly with every other thought. And so, when every thought meshes and molds itself one to the other, it becomes the other, so that it fits perfectly in a pattern or a design which one chooses it to be.

Dolores : Some people think it might have been done with machinery like laser beams.

CLARA : THOUGHT is the fastest laser known. Each block is a thought. So, a thought can be the foundation. One block at a time is one thought at a time. And all the thoughts together, and you might say a telepathic stone is a thought. And so, every thought being a telepathic stone, or a physical stone .. because thought can become physical .. and each one is then placed one on top of the other. One beside each other. However the pattern fits to create.

Dolores : How were they transported or placed on top of each other?

CLARA : By thought. So my thought is to create this stone. I might say : “ I will bring this stone from here and place it here.”

It was a collective construction of many people with the thoughts. So my thought is, that I have this stone to put here, and this one here. The thought becomes a reality. A living being.. a stone is a being. It's just a different mass of energy. As you see it, it's a mass that doesn't move. But it is all space. I mean, it's all space, and it's all energy. 

So, therefore, this collective group .. with One Mind, One Unity, One Goal and One Constructto create, bring these thoughts together. And, creates a physical construct.

Dolores : Then the group mind was more powerful than the individual.

CLARA : Much more. It always is, when there is one thought, or one goal, that wants to be achieved.

Dolores : Do you think people used sound at a later timebecause they forgot how to use the minds.

CLARA : Yes ! Yes ! People became so involved in their personalities, and their day-to-day living and goings-in and goings-out, that they began to put away from the collective. Pull away from the “ SOURCE ”. Pull away from “ THAT WHICH IS ”. To become separate from “ ALL THAT IS ”, and to become individualized. And so, as an individual person or being, they chose separation from “ SOURCE ”. And with the separation from “SOURCE”, then they began to forget to use the thought.

And so, then they began to find other ways.

Dolores : So it was possible at later times they did use sound.

CLARA : Oh, yes.

Dolores : Were the original group, that used group thought to build the pyramids, human beings?

CLARA : Oh, yes. Highly evolved human beings.

Dolores : Were these the ones you said were the survivors of Atlantis?

CLARA : Brought back to Earth from the stars.

Dolores : Can you tell the purpose of the Great Pyramid ?

CLARA : It is a storehouse for knowledge, of all that the Earth is.The mystery of the Earth, and the creation of the Earth is in the Great Pyramid. Man has lost the capacity to use his MIND to the fullest. He uses only a small portion of that which is available to him. He needs to open up and accept that there are no limitations. And, without limitations, you can go beyond time and space.

The energies of the pyramids are being reactivated, and new changes will be taking place in that area.

Dolores : Is it true that the pyramids are also a energy transmitter to other planets, or even other galaxies ?

PHIL : That is accurate. The energy streaming on to your planet is focused by this geometric design, far more than the concept of ' perfect ' can even approach ! However .. the square, or even cube .. of the concept of perfect ' or ' perfection ', such that the resonance of this perfection reaches beyond three dimensional realities!

( Pyramid Energy ) .. the most absolute TRUTH that could possibly be attained on your lower realities, stretching beyond simply your three dimensional realities. This TRUTH then is sensed in other areas of your galaxy. The energies streaming to and from your planet are directed or homogenized by this TRUTH. The pyramids were used as observation points. For the alignment of the stars could be calculated by the proximity of the apex of the triangle to the nearest marker star or mark star.

Dolores : What about the strange energy in the pyramids that people say can preserve things?

PHIL : The energy is simply an energy which is able to focus though the human body. There are those energies which the human body cannot focus, which would be out of tune with the human experience.

So, these pyramids do not hold this type of energy as the humans who stored the energy in these pyramids were unable to channel this energy into them. Thus, these pyramids contain energy which is peculiar to the human experience. The material can be charged by any human who focuses his energies into it, as those who work with crystals know very well. The same principle applies here. The pyramids are full of human energy, more so than any other  object or device currently on Earth. When one enters into these pyramids, they enter into this field of concentrated human energy. They are immersed and bathed in the energy that is part of the personalities of those who charged these stones.