Ramaraju Mahanthi
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Using Pyramid Structures to Increase Food Production in Your Garden … Among Many Other Things

All of this might sound a bit out there but new scientific research proves some amazing discoveries about the effects of energy torsion fields harnessed by pyramid structures. This research comes from the Institute of Physics in Kiev, Ukraine, a basic institution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was one of the leading scientific centers in the former USSR and the premier military research association.

Below are some of the abbreviated bullet point findings about torsion waves generated by pyramids and how they affect various things:

STRENGTHENING OF ANTI-VIRAL MEDICINE - This study involved the drug venoglobulin, which is a naturally-occurring antiviral compound in human beings. When the drug was diluted into a concentration of 50 micrograms per milliliter and stored in the pyramid for a time, it then became approximately three times more effective at fighting viruses than it normally would.

INCREASED HEALING RESPONSE FOR ORGANISMS WITHIN PYRAMID – Mice were exposed to various carcinogens, and an experimental group drank water from the pyramid whereas the control group drank ordinary water. The mice drinking the pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than the mice drinking the ordinary water.

OIL WELLS BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH PYRAMIDS ABOVE THEM– A series of pyramids were built over one of a number of oil wells. It was discovered that the viscosity of the oil under the pyramids decreased by 30%, while the production rate accordingly increased by 30% compared to the surrounding wells.

There was a decrease in the amount of unwanted materials in the oil, such as gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin. These results were confirmed by the Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.

AGRICULTURAL SEEDS INCREASE THEIR YIELD – Agricultural seeds were kept in a pyramid for 1 to 5 days before being planted. More than 20 different seed varieties were planted across tens of thousands of hectares. In all cases, the seeds from the pyramid had a 20 to 100-percent increase in their yield; the plants did not get sick and they were not affected by droughts.

ADDITIONAL PYRAMID EFFECTS RELATED TO BIOLOGY AND HEALTH – Poisons and other toxins become less destructive to living systems after even a short term of exposure in the pyramid. Radioactive materials held inside a pyramid would decay more rapidly than expected. Pathogenic viruses and bacteria become significantly less damaging to life after being held in the pyramid. Psychotropic drugs have less of an effect on people either staying inside a pyramid or within close range of a pyramid.

WATER PURIFICATION BY PYRAMID POWER – Pyramids were built in a town near the Arkhangelsk region of Russia by order of the domestic administration there. In this case, strontium and heavy metals that had contaminated a well were able to be cleared by the effects of the pyramids.

DIMINISHED SEISMIC AND WEATHER ACTIVITY – Teams from the Russian National Academy of Sciences also studied the earthquake data from the areas surrounding the pyramids and compared it to earlier data before the pyramids were built. They discovered that the pyramids have the ability to dissipate the energetic buildup that would normally create sudden, violent earthquakes.

Instead of seeing one large and powerful quake, several hundred tiny earthquakes are registered instead. Furthermore, the atmosphere surrounding the pyramid seems to be shielded from severe weather as well, causing an overall decrease in the amount of violent weather patterns.

FOODS STORED IN PYRAMID INCREASE HUMAN COMPASSION -Another experiment was conducted where a quantity of salt and pepper was stored inside the pyramid. This salt and pepper was later removed and fed continually to about 5000 people in different jails in Russia. Amazingly, within a few months there was a dramatic improvement in their overall behavior, and criminal behavior almost completely disappeared.

Pyramids work by harnessing the rotational inertia of the Earth, and because of this, they should be aligned to True North to have the greatest effect. They create etheric torsion fields which you can see in the photo below by the use of Kirlian photography.