Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

Group Meditation

Individual meditation eventually must lead to group-meditation. The group must be composed of those who have tried hard to do individual meditation, and have had real success.

Group-meditation is a process of forming a united channel for receiving light, love and power and radiating it toward all levels on which the members of the group are found.

Group-meditation and group-service are like a symphony ! They are the finest of many instruments, tuned and harmonized with each other in group-consciousness.

Group-meditation tremendously increases our individual light and our willpower !

One can reach some degree of enlighten-ment through individual meditation, but it is impossible to invoke the true love and the will energy without group-meditation and group-service !

Higher-energies can be contacted, released, and shared safely and used constructively only in group-formation.

Group-meditation can adjust and repair many individual mechanisms that were distorted or damaged by wrong meditation. It can heal many individual, and group, psychic wounds and dispel many obstacles.

Group-meditation creates a magnetic centre wherever it is done, because it creates a focus of higher energies around the group that meditates. This focus of energies is anchored in the location where the meditation is done.

The greatest protection on The Path is the group-aura, the group-radiation. This aura or radiation is created only through group-meditation and group-service.

In group-meditation, the sense of unity is tasted, the sense of brother-hood is experienced, and great decisions are made for great sacrifice and service. Group-meditation creates a pool of energy, love and light, and the members of the group can draw from it to meet their own need in any condition, at any time.

Group-meditation wipes this selfish attitude away from our minds, and slowly we see that “ There is only one goal for Meditation : To serve humanity in The Light of the hierarchy and to become charged with ‘ The Power of the Divine Will ’ ”.


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