Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

: Living with Nature :

Just living a natural life. Nature should be your only discipline. -OSHO

If you plan for every possibility, if you manage for everything on your own, you never give a chance to God to penetrate you, to take control onto his shoulders. 

You never allow God to help you. You think you have to be independent; you think there is no other way than self-help. You remain unnecessarily poor.

A small child was playing around his father who was sitting in the garden. And the small child was trying to pull up a big rock. It was too big and he could not do it. He tried hard. He was perspiring.
The father said, 'You are not using all your energies.'

The child said, 'Wrong. I am using all my energy. And I don't see what more I can do?'
The father said, 'You have not asked me to help. That too is your energy. I am sitting here and you have not asked me to help. You are not using all your energy.'

A man who lives through techniques may think he is using all his energies but he has not asked for God's help. A man who is simply meditating with techniques is a poor man.

Open yourself to the divine. You live naturally; not trying to improve, not living through ideas, not living through moral disciplines — just living a natural life. Nature should be your only discipline, and whatsoever is natural is good because that's how God wills it to be, wants it to be. If you can accept your life with such gratefulness, that this is how God wants it to be….