Ramaraju Mahanthi
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Naturopathic manipulation is one of the fundamental techniques of naturopathic medicine. Using gentle force, the physician manipulates spinal segments and joints to re-establish normal movement and function.

Naturopathic manipulation aims to correct these misalignment's. In medicine, the nervous system is seen as the primary control mechanism of the body. The nerves of the nervous system flow in and out from the spinal cord to all areas of the body. They have to pass between the vertebrae of the spine in the back and neck. If the spinal vertebrae become misaligned through changes in the attached soft tissues, trauma, or repetitive injury, the nerves between the vertebrae can become compromised. Since these nerves are connected to all areas of the body, it is easy to understand how misalignment's in the spine can cause a wide range of health problems. This is a comprehensive adjustment process and is much more than just a process of moving bones. It involves a detailed evaluation of the spine, the extremities, and the associated reflex mechanisms of the nervous system. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, a series of targeted adjustments is performed. The adjustments are very gentle, precise, and highly effective. 

Examples of health problems treatable with naturopathic manipulation:
      • Back Pain
      • Frozen Shoulder
      • Neck Pain
      • TMJ
      • Headache
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Shoulder Pain
      • Athletic Performance
      • Reduced range-of-motion
      • Healing after injury
      • Nerve Pain
      • High Blood Pressure
      • Tennis Elbow
      • Other