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“ A Night in The Great Pyramid of Egypt ”


Dr Paul Brunton (1898-1981) was a British philosopher, mystic, and traveler. He left a successful journalist's career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. He has globally spread the message of Ramana Maharshi. Paul Brunton has written a book titled “A Search in Secret Egypt”. He had stayed in the kings' chamber of the Great Pyramid for an entire night and described his experiences in this book. He had, in fact, described how a Pyramid has remained as a centre of energy and why a Pyramid structure is aptly suitable to be a divine center for doing meditation. Some of his experiences are briefed in this extract: “Invisible energy in the King's Chamber”: I entered the important place..King's Chamber. Here I decided to spend the rest of the night and with folded legs I took a resting position.


“Invisible energy in the King's Chamber”: I entered the important place..King's Chamber. Here I decided to spend the rest of the night and with folded legs I took a resting position.

So, it's entirely dark and I am eager to know what will happen now. After some minutes I had a feeling that there is some invisible energy and I still remain calm just waiting for any thing to happen. I kept my mind blank and blocked all my thoughts. There is no sound in the Pyramid, but still the idea of some invisible energy is haunting me. Usually, people with extraordinary senses can immediately grasp the existence of invisible energy in ancient houses. The same feeling was felt by me. I still had a sense that some soul is around me and nothing is clear. “surrender myself” I sat down for the second time upon my stone seat and surrendered myself anew to the oppressive death-like silence, and to the all-pervading somber darkness of the Chamber. With pliant soul, I waited and wondered. There was something throbbing and alive in my vicinity, although I could still see absolute nothing. 


“surrender myself”

I sat down for the second time upon my stone seat and surrendered myself anew to the oppressive death-like silence, and to the all-pervading somber darkness of the Chamber. With pliant soul, I waited and wondered. There was something throbbing and alive in my vicinity, although I could still see absolute nothing.

“sensing negative energies”: The frequencies of vibrations, sounds and lights in this place are still a mystery. I regained all my energies and started concentrating on the invisible energies surrounding me. I got an ill feeling that some bad energy is filled in that area. I learnt how to visualize these kinds of energies and tried to push them out of my view. Again and again they reappeared and now I could view some shades moving in the dark. Slowly these shades started coming close to my face and indicating that some evil things are going to happen. A black spirit came closer to me and tried to frighten me. Some ancient uncivilized souls from near by cemeteries have also crept in. Now, the King's Chamber is full of many shades and shapes and my heart beat is increasing. Fear, anxiety and trembling started in my mind and body. However, again I rebuilt my energies and decided to know about the energies prevailing in this area. 

“disappearance of bad spirits”: I closed my eyes because those spirits were disturbing my view. Then, to get rid off these souls / spirits I decided either to switch on my torch or to go to the near to the security staff. I thought doing any of these will provide me some comfort. However, my inner suggestion was not to go away from this situation. Still those spirits haunted me and continued to bother me. At this incidence I felt that I should never attempt this kind of experiments. Suddenly all the bad spirits vanished and a nice and calm serenity occupied the Chamber. I felt the calmness that soldiers experience after the end of a war. 

“meeting two godly souls”: Then I realized that an invisible person is standing at the entrance of the Chamber and staring at me sympathetically. I could really feel the change in the atmosphere and was enjoying the calmness. The invisible man slowly started coming towards to me and then I could also see another man. Both these souls were looking at me with pleasing hearts. I could see their sympathy and blessings in their eyes. Suddenly I felt that these moments are very memorable in my life. Both of them were wearing a long white cloth and it appears that they are the traditional religious leaders of Egypt. Suddenly a light filled the Chamber from their glowing auras. Now it is sure that they are not simple human beings, but are surely of Godly nature. Both of them stood like statues. Their hands are folded on their hearts. I wondered whether I was visualizing any previous life in Egypt in the fourth dimension. But, it was not true; they were still looking at me and trying to talk to me. One of them bowed and greeted me and his lips started telling me something and to my surprise I was able to listen to him.

"talking with the spirits”: The second person came forward and I felt he is older than the first person. He told “some invisible masters had taken you into their control. I will tell you more things. Please, lay on the stone”. Without any hesitation, I laid down on the stone. 

“coming out of physical body”: I could not recognize what happened immediately, but my body became very weak. My body felt heavier as my body sense diminished. Some chill started from my toes and cropped-up onto my body. After some time I felt as if I am sitting in ice and my lower part of the body became dumb. I felt as if my life is over, even then I have no pain or fear. The chill in my body kept going up and my body started to shrink. By the time the chill reached my heart, I felt that my body is not in my control and I felt light pain in my heart. I felt as if I am going to die in the Pyramid and my chapter is closed.

“astral travel”: I felt as if I am losing my steadiness and moving towards infinite distances. I felt as if some gale is taking me away through a narrow tunnel. After some time I moved freely in an unlimited Universe. I had never felt this kind of freedom in my life. I am a psychic body and out of the physical body. Now I realize my self and I could see every thing clearly in fourth dimension. Hence, I realize that I am in my subtle body and I am doing astral travel. Though I could move my limbs I am actually floating. I could see that my physical body is still on the stone and eyes are half open. My hands are folded on my heart and my legs are spread as I am dead. I could see a silver line of light ray connecting my subtle body and physical body. This is known as “silver cord”. It is a wonder that a soul without a physical body is floating in the sky! Now I realize why a man's soul is identified with a flying bird. Slowly I am going up and I felt as if I am flying with my wings, “Yes, I could realize that I am in space and my soul has escaped from my physical body, and split into two parts”.

“experiencing the independence of soul”: “This is death! I could realize that body and soul are independent of each other! I can exist even with out a body! Though I knew it earlier, now I could experience it my self”. “My long standing illusion has vanished! Whatever I felt as 'me (my body)' is not me. I can exist even without a physical body! My physical body is made on the Earth and I entered into it. Now it is clear to me”.

“important lesson”: As I am floating in the air, the second master appeared besides me suddenly and said “now you have learnt a great lesson, that there is no death to the soul, you saw it”. 

“meeting acquaintances who died long ago”: Suddenly, I saw an old lady who had died 20 years ago. I also saw my child-hood friend who had expired 12 years ago. I could see a small girl, who was killed in an accident, laughing with joy. All their voices echoed to me, I could talk to them for some time and then they disappeared. Then the second master told me, “see the dead people are still alive”, “my dear son! Our ancestors have incorporated the history of various species and also the secrets of human evolution. The Almighty has chosen some selected individuals to protect the nature. You may go back to the physical World and reveal the truth to the people who are trying to destabilize the development of mankind and nature”.

“message for humanity from the spirits”: 
“This Great Pyramid was built by Prince Atlantis; however due to un-justified life style, the entire race was destroyed. The destruction is not due to the Almighty, but because of selfishness, inhuman behavior and lack of spiritual awareness. However, the Almighty has devised specific rules for every life. Please convey this message to all the humanity”. I wanted to know what those specific rules are. The master immediately realized my inner mind and said the following “there will be time for every thing; it is not now my son”. I was a little disappointed, and the master stared at me for some time, and then told “masters will not reveal these rules to common man. However, since you have gained our blessings I will try to make you happy, come with me”. Then something wondrous happened. I felt as if I am going into coma. I was taken to a place which is very long and bright. But, there are no lights or windows. I realized that this brightness is due to master's aura and my silver cord. However, I am not sure about this. The walls are little pink in colour, but still the source of brightness is not known. 

“secret places”:  The master asked me to come and said “Brunton! Don't turn back or don't see the sides”. After going to some distance I could see an entrance of a room which resembled a prayer hall. I wondered whether this place is situated in the Pyramid or under the Pyramid. I had never seen such a place in the Pyramid before. These are all secret places. I am enthused and searching for the entrance of the secret places. I wanted to see where these places are located in the Pyramid, and finally turned my head back-wards. I could see nothing. I felt that the place is built with rock and cements and stared at the wall. Suddenly some strong wind pushed me. I am floating in the sky. Then I realized the words “not now, not now”. I am able to see my physical body still lying on the stone. 

“entrance to secret places”: Then the Master told “Son! It is not important to know the entrance to the secret places, they are inside you only and the entrance is in your mind. You should look inward, and only then you can understand. All the secret rooms and ancient issues that are there in the Pyramid are within you. The secret of the Pyramid is that man should make his journey inward and should try to understand all the secrets through his soul. Hence, you should try to know yourself, that is enough”, and the master vanished.

(Excerpts taken from the book “A Search in Secret Egypt”, by Dr. Paul Brunton)

According to research work of Dr. Philip Callahan, the rose granite used to construct the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid is a very high powered paramagnetic material. The limestone used to cover the Great Pyramid possesses diamagnetic properties. The cone or Pyramid shapes makes the energy flow.. uniform. This can be verified by taking kirlian photo of the peak. “The Pyramids are also useful to enhance the level of energy fields on the Earth and to create its equilibrium”- Seth