Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

Meditation in Village

Mahanthi Ramaraju

Villagers are the king of our country


Village is the mother of our nation.

The development of our nation depends on the development of villages. Rural empowerment program aim is to free the villagers from the bondage of non-education, ignorance and superstition by bringing awareness to the importance of life and its goals. 

Habits like smoking and alcohol makes the villagers mentally weak and poor. Villagers are very innocent that’s why doctors, businessman and other higher officials easily steal and misuse them. Politicians bribe the villagers by giving them money, alcohol and other tempting things to steal their votes. This is why villagers are always engrossed to in-debt and problems which untimely becomes the main cause of their suicide. 

Friends’, farming is not a business rather it’s a responsibility. It’s a Yagna. The fruit of Yagna is not only for the farmers but this fruit is distributed throughout the world. That is why every farmer should become a mediator, becomes a yogi, become a karma yogi and should always stay away from addiction and ignorance. They should always stay connected to mother earth and its five elements. 


Meditation is nothing but getting re-connected with nature. Being connected to meditation brings timely rainfall. This in result makes the farmers financially strong. Chemical agriculture should be stopped. Natural and spiritual agriculture methods should be adopted. 


Puja mandir of villages must be transformed to Dhyan mandir, transforming Devalaya to Dhyanalaya. Every school must conduct regular group meditation. Maintenance of villages in terms of cleanliness, greenery, landscapes and divinity must be such that people start shifting from town to villages. 


It’s a matter of deep concern when farmers get involved into fights, lose their mental balance and commit suicide due to bad crop cultivation and poor financial conditions. Atma Gyan is very much necessary for such farmers because suicide is not the only solution for any problem. Every farmer must understand this. Any farmer who is ready to give up his life and commit suicide is the worst situation of our country. It’s a shameful thing for the educated people who are just witnessing this situation. 


Every life on earth is valuable and divine. We have no right to take away any one’s life, not ourselves or of animals. We cannot give life to anyone but to protect one’s life is in our hands. Suicide is the biggest sin of all. Atma Gyan is the biggest blessing of all. That is why it is our duty to do meditation and spread meditation to others. 


For good health no need to go to doctors or take any medicines. Friends! kick away all medicines from your life. Sin and ignorance becomes the main reason for disease in our body. Health is the natural gift we give to ourselves; it is not a thing to be obtained from others. For complete health continues practice of meditation is required. Through meditation farmers develop lot of will power, confidence and positive thoughts. The result of which ignorance and bad habits is decreased. Growth in farming and other working abilities is increased. 


Rural empowerment program has pledged to make everyone their own master and vegetarian star that’s why awareness is being spread in every village, town, schools, colleges and small districts also.