Ramaraju Mahanthi
Thank You For Everything.

What is Meditation ?

Before we try for understanding what Mediation exactly "IS",

it is better to know what Meditation exactly is "NOT"!

  • Meditation is not "contemplation"!
  • Meditation is not "chanting"!
  • Meditation is not "prayer"!
  • Meditation is NOT 'Contemplation', the term 'Meditation' does not refer to 'contemplation' or 'pondering'.
  • Meditation is primarily NOT an intellectual or mental or verbal phenomenon.

  • Meditation is NOT 'Chanting': In Hindu tradition, Meditation or Dhyana is usually misunderstood as 'chanting' or 'repeating a divine name'. In fact, that is only "Japa". Japa is constant repetition of a name or Mantra. Japa is very commonly resorted to still the mind. However, stilling the mind through Japa is a very, very long drawn-out process.

  • Meditation is NOT 'Prayer': 'Prayeris nothing but a 'petition' to some unknown power, with a request to take care of one's difficulties. Supposedly, the 'Gods' are to be carried away by the Petitioning and will readily resort to granting all the requested boons!
  • Meditation IS 'witnessing'
  • Meditation is nothing but the gap between two thoughts.

Meditation is awakening oneself to Altered State of Consciousness:

Meditation is awakening oneself to altered state of Consciousness, wherein one will perceive alternate frequency - reality system, which is all simultaneously coexisting with the present 'VIBGYOR' frequency universe. Our present time-space continuum is but one of the infinite number of other time-space continuum's, which are all vibrating at different frequencies.

When you are in the act of perceiving and interacting with the non-ordinary dimensions of COSMIC REALITY, you are said to be in Meditation. Cosmic Reality includes all the separate, but inter-connected, individual frequency-reality universes.

Meditation is silencing the 'inner-talk' and seeing with the 'third eye': 

Meditation begins with the silencing of the normal mental activity. There is a constant 'inner talk' that is going on incessantly whenever a person finds himself / herself unoccupied. This continuous inner chatter is called as 'Chitta'

Pathanjali Maharshi defined yoga as 'Chitta Vrithi Nirodhaha'. That is meditation is the total cessation of the inner mind.

The immediate consequence of the cessation of this chitta, inner mind, is the happening of 'Seeing or witnessing'. You begin to see flashes of alternate frequency realities. This 'seeing' is done with the help of the activated third eye. Third Eye is 'Ajna' Chakra. Ajna Chakra is the sixth great energy vortex in the Etheric Body. 'Etheric body' is the second of the second of the seven bodies of man; it is also called as 'Pranamaya Kosha'.

Meditation enables us to be:

    1. Physically wonderfully fit
    2. Mentally perfectly agile
    3. Intellectually razor-sharp
    4. Emotionally full of calmness, friendship and joy
    5. Existentially full of positivity, creativity and spontaneity, and finally
    6. Spiritually illumined.

Through meditation, we come to know of our own eternity and of our infinite capabilities, in short, of our Godhood. Simultaneously, and as a corollary, we become aware of the Godhood of all other beings.

The Unaware 'Seed Gods' - that we are, through Meditation, reading books, and personal discussions grow into 'Aware Tree God' - full of beautiful 'flowers', 'fruits' and 'shade' for all!

* * *

Meditation is the single most important method / practice by the help of which we progress in the acquisition of knowledge of Spiritual Science. And, Spiritual Science is the Science which studies.

      • The Nature of Life between Birth and Death
      • Nature of life before Birth and after Death
      • Nature of Consciousness
      • Nature of Choices, Plans and Purpose of All Beings
      • Nature of Happiness, Progress and Fulfillment
      • Nature of Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences etc.,

Spiritual Science and Enlightenment: True Religion and Spirituality have always been coming out with so many facts about Life and Death; The nature of Nature around us; The Purpose of Life etc!

Day-To-Day Life and Common Problems: Problems exist in our day-to-day life, either because we are weak in will, or because we are ignorant and stupid, or because we hold on to wrong belief systems. Problems also exist because of our tremendous self-importance, because of our laziness and lethargy. Problems, again, exist because we do want to live parasitically, i.e., at the expense of others.

* * *

There will be no problems if only one would:

    1. Make one's will strong;
    2. Replace wrong beliefs by truths through the study of the Spiritual Science;
    3. Totally remove one's self-importance;
    4. Involve ceaselessly in any creative activity without ever wasting time, and Learn to live symbiotically i.e., for the over-all benefit of all the parties concerned.

- - -

" If the whole existence is one, and if the existence goes on taking care of trees, of animals, of mountains, of oceans –from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star -- then it will take care of you too. Why be possessive? The possessiveness shows simply one thing – that you cannot trust existence. You have to arrange separate security for yourself, safety for yourself; you cannot trust existence. Non-possessiveness is basically trust in existence. There is no need to possess, because the whole is already ours." 

--- OSHO