Ramaraju Mahanthi
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Restless Waves of The Mind : Ancient Seers of India gave the term... ' Chitta ' ...to the Restless Waves of the Mind. Thus, Rishi Patanjali defined yoga as 'chitta vritthi nirodhaha'.
         In the beginning stages of meditation, the rather restless waves of the mind...become more or less restful. When meditation is continued with steadfastness and utter sincerity, a deep restful state of mind is attained ... and all the restless waves of the mind totally cease.
Meditation means total cessation of all the restless waves of the mind.
Man is hampered basically by the restless nature of the mind. The mind by nature is restless. The restless waves of the mind result in unwanted dissipation of the energy of the soul. When the soul energy thus gets dissipated, the physical body becomes depleted of essential energy and becomes vulnerable and susceptible to attacks from various external sources such as germs and parasites..etc., resulting in various diseases, early aging ..etc.,etc,..
 Ability to focus effectively on the present and being able to concentrate on the current issues is deeply hampered by the existence of the restless waves of the mind. The power of memory becomes impaired. The more the intensity of the restless waves of the mind, the more the ineffectiveness of the person to attend to the work on hand.
  The naturally restless mind is the common lot of all persons who do not strive to cultivate the mind. An uncultivated land, of course, becomes full of weeds. Similarly an uncultivated mind becomes full of more and more weed-like unwanted thoughts. As we make the land weed-free, we must make the mind free of irrelevant and unscientific thoughts. 
Agriculture is cultivation of land. Meditation is cultivation of mind.
 Cultivation of The Restless Waves of The Mind : Cultivation of the restless waves of the mind is always achieved when the mind is concentrated on any given work.
  The more a person concentrates on a given work, the more the mind of the person becomes pointed and cultivated ... and to that extent the intensity of the restless nature of the mind becomes less. Less restlessness of the mind means more energy in the physical body.
  Energy in the physical body is indirectly proportional to the restless waves of the mind.
  Meditation is the most direct way of cultivation of the restless waves of the mind.
  In meditation the mind has to become concentrated and one pointed making use of the natural breath. The mind has to become focused ... using the natural breath.
When we become one with our breath, we experience a wonderful... deep... inner silence.
  Meditation means closing the eyes and being with the breath for a long, long time. Tremendous patience is required. Whatever may be the turbulence in the mind, eyes should never be opened. Attention of the mind should be constantly be brought back on to the breath. The mind wanders... but it should be collected and brought back... to... the... breath.
  Soon, we will find that the magnitude of breath becomes shorter and shorter. We will also notice that the breath becomes concentrated in the upper part of the nose.Finally, the breath becomes so small and so short that it seems to be barely existing.
  As we are earnest in the practice of this process, a remarkable thing happens. The mind becomes rather serene and restful. The intensity of the restless waves of the mind decreases significantly. A calm, peaceful and tranquil mind is established. As more and more time is spent in that calmness, in that tranquility ... a most beautiful thing now happens. The mind becomes absolutely empty... sans any thoughts.
Now, we are in a state of deep inner silence.
  We enter into such a deep inner silence that we may not even hear outer sounds; we go beyond them.
  In this stage of deep inner silence, a total inwarding of the outer senses happens. The outer senses in effect become ... the inner senses.
  When the mind is, thus, totally empty, huge amount of cosmic energy floods into the body. More and more practice of meditation means, establishment of greater and greater emptiness in the mind.
More the emptiness of the mind, more the inflow of cosmic energy.
  When the physical body gets saturated with cosmic energy, the natural consequence is that great happening of seeing.
A deep meditator begins to see.
  In the beginning of meditation ... flashes of beautiful nature... hitherto never seen or experienced ... are seen. These flashes of nature are all from several alternate frequency realities.
  One may begin to hear new sounds, see new sights and smell new scents. One may see absolutely brilliant lights and have visions of new worlds. One may find oneself face to face with several Astral Masters.
  It is natural that in the beginning one would be unable to make head or tail of these new snapshots that one sees. However, as one practices and practices, one becomes an adept.
  Soon... a certain measure of control in seeing is achieved. Interaction with the new reality systems... with a greater and greater degree of will and purpose... begins to happen. 
This is the stage of establishing contacts with Astral Masters.
  When Astral Masters are encountered... in deep meditation... meaningful dialogues should be established. Pointed questions should be put and answers received should be carefully remembered and noted. All the dialogues and conversations happen through the means of Telepathy.
  Alternate Frequency Realities are other realities of existence ... other than the reality we are presently, or currently, engaged in. Each particular reality system exists with a different frequency. Each frequency reality, indeed, is an infinite universe. The total cosmos consists of an infinite number of frequency universes.
With the Inner Senses, we perceive the Inner Worlds. 
  At any given instant, a particular soul is tuned to only one frequency universe, which is invariably mistaken... by that particular soul... to be the only reality.
  However, in meditation, a given soul breaks out of the cocoon of the highly limited concept of reality. As other reality systems are experienced ... one by one ... in meditation, a more catholic and unlimited view of reality gets established. More and more meditation leads to gradual flowering of true understanding. Through more and more personal experience we come to grasp the tremendous outline reality of the cosmos. All this is called as Enlightenment.
  There are several frequencies of realities or there are several Inner Worlds. The purpose of meditation is to activate the Inner Senses, encounter the Inner Worlds and have contacts with Masters of the Inner Worlds.
Spiritual Wisdom is obtained from the Masters of the Inner Worlds.
  More and more meditation leads to more and more spiritual wisdom. More and more spiritual wisdom means more and more health, vigor and energy in the physical body.
Astral Travel : In Sanskrit language, the word ' dhyana ' means... 
'dhi' = ' totality of all subtle bodies ' 'yana' = ' travelling ' 
Thus, ' dhyana ' means ' traveling with the higher subtle bodies '. There are three higher subtle bodies :
  • Astral Body
  • Causal Body 
  • Supra-Causal Body 
In states of deep meditation, we may suddenly find ourselves outside our physical body... and we may find ourselves traveling at a fast pace in one of our higher subtle bodies... sojourning into new frequency worlds. One usually encounters the classic Tunnel Experience... as a compulsory precursor to Astral Travel.
During the Tunnel Experience, one may see one's own self traveling in a deep, tunnel-like hole,... at the far end of which one will emerge out into brilliant light and step into one of the alternate frequency reality worlds.
In the beginning, it would be a rather random or spontaneous or uncontrolled traveling. However, soon, with greater practice, one slowly achieves willful and directed Astral Travel.
Kundalini : At deeper levels of meditation., one may also encounter Kundalini Awakening.
' Kundalini ' is the name given by Ancient Seers of India to... the potential and unactived etheric energy essence... that is locked in the etheric body. 
Kundalini is the potential and unactivated etheric energy essence ... 
that is locked in the etheric body.
Etheric Body is the energy template body... on the framework of which a particular physical body is formed in womb of the mother. The Etheric Body is carved out of the energies and tendencies of the karmic elements of the previous life times' experiences of a particular soul.
When this etheric-energy-essence or kundalini is activated... in deeper levels of meditation... the activated etheric energy essence spreads throughout the Etheric Body in several jolts and serpent-like movements.
The whole process may extend from a few minutes... to a few hours... to a few days... to a few months... depending upon the karmic balances of the persons concerned.
The end result, finally, is the activation of one's higher bodies... 
i.e., the Causal and the Supra-Causal bodies